Birddog Nation

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Année: 2020
Duree: 60 Mins
Orgine: United States of America
Date de Sortie: 2020-06-08
Langue : French (VFF)
Categorie: Documentary / film vf
Realisateurs: Sophie Sartain
Acteurs: Ana Maria Archila,Ady Barkan,Tracey Corder,Jennifer Epps-Addison,Jennifer Flynn Walker

Synopsis et détails: They flipped the House in 2018. Now they’re back in 2020. Follow the suburban women who were activated after the 2016 election as they are schooled by activists from Birddog Nation, including Ady Barkan, a dying father with ALS who is fighting for democracy with his last breath, and Ana Maria Archila, a sexual assault survivor who confronts Senator Jeff Flake on an elevator during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. The leaders of Birddog Nation set the women on a path deeper and more radical than they ever imagined. Are they the key to another Blue Wave in 2020?скачать dle 10.5фильмы бесплатно

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