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Année: 2019
Duree: 110 Mins
Orgine: Turkey
Date de Sortie: 2019-11-07
Langue : French (VFF)
Categorie: Comedy / film vf
Realisateurs: Togan Gökbakar
Acteurs: Şahan Gökbakar,Nurullah Çelebi,Somer Karvan,Furkan Bayraktar,Mustafa Dok
Votes: 5.2 En Cinema |45 IMDB

Synopsis et détails: Recep İvedik is at home watching television, when postman brings him a surprise invitation for the annual dried beans festival of Konya province. Very excited with the news, Recep convinces his best friend Nurullah to join him but due to a miscommunication with the travel agency, they get plane tickets for Kenya, Africa, instead of Konya, Turkey. After arriving at Kenya and getting on a safari tour, our hapless companions find themselves lost in endless savannah and at the middle of two rival local tribes. Many adventures await Recep in this unfamiliar and exotic land, who will try anything and everything to return home, mostly to hilarious results.скачать dle 10.5фильмы бесплатно

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